The Company

Metallurgica Ledrense Societa Cooperativa is a company located in the wondeful Landscape of Ledro Valley.

The Company was founded in 1987, after the outstanding team spirit of the employees under the previous management led it to be recognized on both the domestic and foreign markets for its high-quality production.

The Company benefits from highly motivated human resources who have high responsability: 13 of 21 employees are also company partners, which gives further guarantee of special attention to quality and care of Cutomers. Metallurgica Ledrense meets its customers' requirements through its highly flexible production.

Services and Quality

The Company (ISO 9001:2008 certified) invests every year to increase the Quality of its products, with the special aim of offering an ever-improving, efficient Service.

This is possible thanks to its Laboratory for testing raw material, finished products and production processes.

Speed and competence are the key factors in solving Customers' particular problems. Each production department is strongly committed to the high quality of the finished products.

The high production flexibility and the quick deliveries enable to fulfill all type of orders.

This is also possible thanks to the internal laboratory for the tests related to weight and resistance of the wire.

The company pays attention to every area of the specific requirements of its customers and is very effective in solving the various problems that the customer may encounter in the global market context.

Metallurgica Ledrense always pays special attention to market demands related to industrial production, especially in terms of constant product quality research, related to different characteristics and requirements of the customers.

Metallurgica Ledrense offers a range of high quality products that address the agricultural market and especially to wine market.


Ledrense Metalurgic Soc.
Via Ampola, 14
Loc. Tiarno di Sopra
38067 Ledro - Italia
Tel. ++39 464 596061 – Fax ++39 464 596045
President: Fabio Tiboni – mobile: 329/6722580

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