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The Company Metallurgica Ledrense offers a range of high quality products that are meant for the agricultural market, especially for wine growing.
Among the products we offer we can mention:
Commercial galvanized wire
Commercial galvanised wire is delivered on 25 kg or about 30-40 kg coils upon Customer request.
It is provided on normail coils (vertical winding) or on reels (horizontal winding).
Triple galvanized wire
It 'a corporate product historian Metallurgica Ledrense that guarantees a thirty-year duration.
It is mainly used for the construction and maintenance of vineyards.

Is available in a gama of diameters ranging from 1.60 mm diameter up to 5.5 mm.
Zincal AR/40 Zinc aluminium
High strenght and low elongation: it is a product characterized by a superior strength than the galvanized triple layered products.
The end user has two major advantages compared to the traditional ones: the guarantee of a long life over the years, with significant cost savings and a drastic reduction of elongation.

Having the same perfomance, it can be used with smaller diameters than the traditional wire, thus reducing also the maintenance costs. It can be delivered on reels or iron coils.

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