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Zincal Ar/07 Zinc Aluminum
This wire is situated between the triple galvanized wire and the Zincal Ar40 wire, the protective zinc aluminum coating is superior to the one provided by the European norm UNI EN 10244-2.

Withstands to high mechanical loading and maintains, despite the corrosive attacks, the entire smooth length. It doesn’t react with copper sulphate used for vineyards.
Elongation: 10/12%
Strength: 700 N/mm2
Coating: 95% zinc 5% aluminum
Zincal Ar/40 wire for anti-hail equipments
Zincal Ar/40 wire for anti-hail equipments
Zincal AR/40 – anti-hail wire
Elongation: 2-2.5%
Breaking load: 1300 kg

Due to its smooth surface and high resistance it guarantees optimum labor conscriptions for anti-hail equipments.
It represents a viable alternative to high-strength plasticized wire and to plasticized steel cable.
It is supplied in rings of 100 or 250 kg or on wooden coils, or produced to the client’s demand.
Stainless steel wire
The company produces stainless steel wire AISI 302 and AISI 304, in a range of products with diameters which vary between 4.00 and 1.60 mm (Newton/ mm 1000- 1600).

This material is delivered pre-weighted at the request of the customer, in coils or on iron rolls of 14 kg.
Ribbed reinforcing steel with improved adhesion
Metallurgica Ledrense produces at client’s request ribbed reinforcing steel with improved adhesion from smooth drawn wire or zinc-coated in different diameters necessary in agriculture and especially in the wine sector.

The diameter of the reinforcing steel varies between:
6.00-8.00 and 10.00, usually, cut at certain dimensions,
with lengths varying between 120 cm and 200 cm.
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