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Metallurgica Ledrense has always paid a special attention to the various market requirements related to industrial production in particular to the constant search for quality products, to the characteristics and need of the clients.

Among the products we offer, we can mention:
Lucid wire-drawn
Lucid wire -drawn is usually used only for production of nails or wire mesh or welded meshes.

The range of products varies from dimension of 1.00 to 8.50 mm.
This is wrapped in rings or coils weighing approximately 1000 kg.
Zinc-coated wire wrapped rings
The company is capable of producing galvanized wire, in the following ways:
steel semi-mild steel in accordance with the resistance specifications requested by the client.
This is produced in rings and also in coils hoop near hoop.

The weight of each ring or coil can vary depending on the client’s request between 400 and 800 kg.
The range of products varies as diameter between 1:20 and 8:50 mm.

Zinc-coated wire-drawn
It’s a wire that is characterized by a really smooth and shiny surface and it’s used only in the bucket handle industry or metallic parts of different types.

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