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Metallurgica Ledrense has always paid a special attention to the various market requirements related to industrial production in particular to the constant search for quality products, to the characteristics and need of the clients.

Among the products we offer, we can mention:
Zinc-coated wire with improved adhesion
The company can produce zinc-coated wire with streaks in different shapes, with improved adherence at their surface, with the purpose of covering a large part of the characteristics requested by clients.

Usually, the requested diameters vary between 2.00-3:00 to 4:00- 5:00- 8:00.
It’s usually used for the production of welded meshes.

Welded wire meshes
Welded wire meshes are used especially in the industry and constructions.
It can be made of smooth shiny wire, zinc-coated and zinc-coated with increased adherence.

The meshes are made using a range of wire that varies in diameter between 2.00 mm and 6 mm.
The mesh for different types varies between 30x30 mm and maximum 200x200 mm.
The meshes can have the maximum dimension of 1600x3000 mm.

The net can also be made of stainless steel wire.
The welded wire can be produced with free lateral heads and also bordered on all 4 sides.

Pre-straightened bars
At the client’s request the company can produce pre-straightened bars cut at the length requested by the client using our own products (smooth-wire – zinc-coated – zinc-coated with streaks).

The maximum produced length is 3 m .
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